Sunday, 23 December 2012

No picture no life

Assalamualaikum and good day earthlings..

 Since am so into Instagram I've decided to join one of the challenge from
fat mum slim photo a day (fms)..quite interesting ! Well at least u have an activity to do everyday in December.
Its actually a picture-a-day challenge game.Super easy-peasy, all u have to do just visit the Fat Mum Slim blog and check out the December photo a day list and each day look at the daily order and take photo according to the lists.Once u have taken the photo and Dont forget to share it/ upload to any social networking u have ,eg : Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Tumbler,Flicker or even ur own blog(like am doing now.hehe)..since am joining it a bit late..but sokay!(where u can put hashtag #iknowitslate..hahaha)I started from day 8 - Someone you love...lets check out mine!

picture below from day 16 till day 19 december

Day 16 - Something you made ( I've made a few embroidered towel!)

Day 17 - on the floor could be anything..

Day 18 - makes you feel merry..jyeahh waffle makes me feel merry with ice cream on top of it ,butter and syrup :)
day 19 - something  beginning with S..and its me having (Spaghetti )..yummiehh

dont forget to hashtag it and have a fun photo-taking all !!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Jennifer Lopez 'dance again world tour' live in Malaysia

Salam Ladies..
Such a good start of December..Sunday 2/12/2012 . I had an amazing opportunity to watch jLo's concert right here in Malaysia @ Stadium Merdeka..woohoo!!together with my fiance,we got 2 complimentary passes from my schoolmate,thanx Ainnn! 

Ain call  & ask me just 8 hours before concert start 'Wa, free mlm ni?Nak pg tgk JLO takk?..and I answered squeaky-ingly like a little girl.."Naaaaaakk!!! '' (free kan...of course naakk)..

Later at 8pm ,we met Ain the newly wed wif her hubby,Zainuri at the bit late,parking constraint..but its okayy..heheh...apology to Ain ! whoaaaa Ain just gave me 2 tickets price RM368 each(which I definitely cant afford to buy..heheh)very strategic seats..Alhamdulillah tak kena hujan..they do provide the raincoats..Concert only starts at 9.10pm..before concert I had spotted many familiar faces..
Ziana Zain & Tiara Jacquelina..
JLo such a beautiful woman and hot momma I must say,from video clip to live..and her kids were on the montage during concert..thats so sweet !! and am sure her boifie were on the stage dancing with her on that night..okay enjoy the pictures below..

its free seating...u can seat anywhere u like...   \ 

happy faces

two beautiful mommas..still gorgeus even in rain..ziana in yellow...tiara j in blue raincoat..the one with the camera I hv no idea..heheh

us after the concert

me,ain & zainuri
show off.hahaha..

till we meet again JLo...

and the best part is..I just noticed Dato Jimmy Choo just behind my seat..haihh..didnt get the chance to snap snap with him..and mua fav songs for that wonderful nite are papi & dance again....jyahh!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beauty Care of mine

Assalamualaikum & hello everyone..

Woohooo its so good to be back!! been missing in action for a month...maybe..umm work,work and recently went back to ayah's hometown...very happy time & very the bring back the good memories time..hehe..okay and now I feel so much better.yelahhh so much better to share everything to all of you laa.. I have a lot of projects that I've always wanted to do(takdelah banyak punnn) and now that I have the time, yess I'm going for it. Time for me to get into self more, discover new things about

umm okay I remember when I was a teenager back then,at the age of 18,my forehead crush out with pimples..really bad acne(self confidence menurun mendadak!!)yeap which was so embarassed and im having it for a years..I used to cleared it up by picit-picit depan cermin tapi tak menjadi lagi banyak ade lahh..
luckily I have my mom whom have the method to helped me to get rid of my pimples.small mom bought me this drink,full name I cant remember.something liquid chlorophyl gitulaa..seriously dah lupa ape nama dia..but then yup its quite good.its recommend to cleaning your blood aka detoxsification.
drink a lots of water,and chlorophyl day & nite & applying the fresh limau nipis on my forehead..pedihh nye tuhan saje yg tahu,, may take a longer time to recover..insyaAllah.and alhamdulillah.however you can speed up the recovery time by doing it consistenly and discipline !! ( kata Dayah)...heheh..and..

Here ,I would love to share these super beauty remedies..hahah..its not that super lahh..more to beauty care and daily routine :)

as for hair treatment.I use mustika ratu hair tonic for hair loss control

am comfortable with nano white for face wash but depends if your skin too oily then go for gel if combination can use foam

I chose Olay for day cream with spf.can apply as base before make up :)

 right after you wash your face,then apply toner.before moisturiser/day cream,you may apply actually a very light moisturiser to correct skin problem.wait 3-5 mins before aply moisturiser.essence from loreal

my toner,nano white & SKII.remember to use toner after cleansing to tighten pores

face quencher by stay cool and refresh all day.with Vit C.

sun protection.for prolonged outdoor activity choose sunscreen that offer sun-protection-factor of 30 or above.mine is spf 130 by sunplay :)

make up remover by MAC.recommended by my bestie,Hidayah makeup remover of all..include water proof mascara.

eubos is highly recommended for hand.for body VC.

Bobbi brown lip balm with it!

st ives scrubbers.exfoliated dead cells away.

..but one thing for sure..lead a healthy life (mind,body & spirit) and feel beauty inside out.insyaAllah..

nota kaki : Tiada unsur show off atau poyo disini,cuma sebagai sumber rujukan untuk anak cucu saya in future..mestilah dorg nak tahu mak/nenek dorg pakai ape zaman dulu...uhoohoo!



Sunday, 21 October 2012

Patch Lace for Sale

Salam ladies..<---kenapa ladies je..umm gentlemens ade yg minat lace ke???...ok lah beli tuk wife lah eh,gf ke,adik ke,kakak ke,mama ke... :P

Okay previous entry ade ceghite beli patch lace kat jakel kann..okay mahal !!...Okay nk story psl lace je sbnrnye..since my engagement aritu mmg dh tergila sgt ngn lace.yess..spashly french khamis lepas saya inform encik tunang saya nak jual lace...dia kata "jual lah" ...short n sweet eh dia reply..ummm...ade mcm2 lace...suka tak patchwork??suka x letak baju dgn beads????okay those laces are suitable for patchwork, here the laces that can soothe ur eyes..wohooo

interested /any inquiries..feel free to contact  to me thru :

Fb : Creative & Comforts
email :

Monday, 1 October 2012

lets go to the Zoo..

Salam and have a blessed october month koranggg..

baru je nk suruh "wake me up when september end" dah masuk october rupanyee...uhuk!
bangun awal pagi sabtu yg lepas mmg tak pnh di buat pun..since dah bgn awal tuu konon nk pg jogging,bile ajak mahathir dia pulak xnk..nak pg swimming kata nye..kite pulak xnk..nk ajak mandi sungai pun tak at last masing2 mengalah..okay jom pg zoo..heheh..b4 nk pg kena lah google, mana tak nye..after 18 years yesss..18 yrs tak pg zoo kauu..jalan pun tak bile google maps tu baru la confidence sket.ehehe..maklum lah xde gps..hehe..

okay gerak kul 930 am then kul 1030 tu dh smpi..jam ticket rm25 with mykad..if pakai mykad rm25 if not then rm30..whoaaa!!! zoo negara improved!cantik dah..lebeh selesaa pun byk so xsempat breakfast bole je breakfast at any cafe avail dalam / luar cafe @ zoo...

lepas je entrance dah dgr unggas ,si amang , sekalian beruk punye suara..wakakak..okay ktorang xnaik zoo tram pun lebih selesa jalan kaki..bole amik pic suka2 hati..heheh..okay lah saje nk uplod pic and enjoyyy...huh hoo hoo (bunyi beruk),...

 "helo..wheres my food..?"

beautiful aquarium..shark,arapaima..

itu lah ikan arapaima..sampai melengkung badan,,terlalu kenyang..mungkin..

heheh..penguin yg sgt cute..

hey youu...hahah

mr fiance

show starts at 11 am..if sampai awal then u will get better seat..if not mmg panass..

haaa..most of them are pre-school kids :)

..while waiting

okay..there u are...

dombi the sea lion...

the trainer

huuu...good job dombi!


and the birdie name is hachiko..

ahhh dombi play netball...

try to reach the small ball...

uuu..dombi use its nose and moustache to balance the ball..

helo i am cockatoo..i am 40 yrs old...

inside tuanku abdul rahman aquarium..and its free entrance...

fiance and his drama lahh...hahahah

credit to mr fiance...nice shot..

wehooooo kdg2 best taww pg tmpt mcmni..asik shopping mall jerrr..hikhikkkk

mandi time

friend of gloria

not sure whether its sleeping or...ummmm...

so cute and aggresive toooo


nice shot by fiance

after eat then sleep.

beauty mousedeer.. so excited that iI could visit all these creatures after 18 years..