Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mahathir talented in editing picca

Assalamualaikum and holla earthlings :)....

Sorry for the long has been hectic,changes in workplace,interviews..ahhh but surviving...finally im back..hehe..actually me no good in blogging lahhh...ermm...but then each day,each time i am doing something be it interesting/dissapointing/funny with my family,sweetheart or friends....always said to my self..ehhhh why dont i post about this to my right bile dh ade kt depan lappy.i dont know where and how to start...tak tahu pulak ape nak di tuliskan..adoiyaii..dushhh!!!

Alhamdulillah & syukur my relationship with my sweertheart (Mr.Mahathir) still growing+blooming...hope Allah showers me with all berkat in every areas we went through after years of ermm..susah nk cakap..berkat nenek pesan,banyakkan berdoa lepas sembahyang if nak dapat suami soleh..He sent me someone who loves me, stands up for me all the time and take a really good care of me...that  i can call a man...he of course has a very special place in my heart..

..and tonite we had dinner at papparich @sec 13,shah alam after so looong not lepak in shah alam..pdhal dekat je pun dgn rumah..mahathir loves their noodles and i loves the steamed bread..lepak kami bukan lah lepak kosong tapi lepak sambil meng-edit pictures for tettttt....ehh..heheh yup we are planning on getting & time akan diberitahu since belum diconfirm kan lagi on mahathir's side..oh soon-to-be fiance ni mmg talented in editing picture..byk dah picca of my friend's engagement,nikah sume di edit nye guna photoshop.. told him that i loves candy buffet and would like to have it one for my e-day nanti and he said okay...i keep  going back to the idea of having a candy bar instead of having individually wrapped favors...actually i'm thinking about collecting a variety of glass containers - some new, some vintage - and fill them with simple si dia tolong la meng-edit kan label for the candy..siann dia..balik je class terus jumpa and bawak pg makan & editkan..thanx aloadss sayang...i know u love me..and i love u tooo...
enjoy browse through k...selebihnya tu he edit using 'kedaigambar' :)...

haaa...he did it !!

nak vintage the middle for wording...mungkin combination of colours tu kena edit lagi

here's the wedding that really inspired me on the candy buffet idea..Gorjesss..instead of hiring people..ingt nak buat seniri jer..
harap2 nye berjaya lahh..kite tgk je lah resultnye mcmane nanti..hikhikhik...okay thats all for now..nt if ade lagi pic yg mahathir edit...guwe bgtaw yah..hingga ketemu lagik..daaa


  1. huhu..pecah tembelang..mane de talented edit pic pn..copy paste reti ler..huhu