Sunday, 12 February 2012


The date that i will remember forever in my life..I am off from work for 3 days in a row(sat,sun,mon)..and today is my second off day...just a normal sunday..I wokeup late as usual at 11.00 am.heheh..and did not have any plans for the day..I was actually feeling good and decided it was the good day to start off and try this out..deciding in wearing hijab..yes tudung..alhamdulillah..terbuka jua pintu hati ni nak pakai tudung.Syukur...
After spent 3 hours,browsing+exploring+researching

I texted my sweetheart :

me :
'sayang bole x teman i pg jalan TAR today?'

mahathir :
'nak buat ape pg sana syg ?'

me :
'i nak cr tudung yang..'

mahathir :
'ouh okay sayang,nanti i balik kte pg k'

me :
'thx syg'

His class finished at 5-ish pm,after dress down casually,finally or maybe "cuba-cuba" put on my Ariani tudung(nak jugaak mention Ariani riak here okay!! was actually given by my sweetheart a week before as gift and hadiah untuk memberi semangat katanye..:)of course!!..and thank you sayangg )
Before i put on the hijab,i whisper to myself (niat)

"Ya Allah,aku buat kerana suruhan mu untuk selamanya dan permudahkanlah urusan hamba mu ini.."

and dont forget if you do get through it,then give thanks to Allah for making it easy for you..
As I hop in the car,my sweetheart said 'Alhamdulillah sayang..(auuw..walaupun dengan 2 perkataan tu dah cukup buat diri rasa terharu sangat yelah lagi lah dari orang yang kite sayang kann..)mungkin dia pun terkejut dan terkesima agaknye..huhuhu..
anyway,the difficulties usualy come in,how to wear,which tudung suit u,what colour match with the baju,fear of rejecting by friends & family(maybe)..astagfirullahhalazim,those are scary thought.The worries and fears actually the whisperings of Syaitan to walk you out in obeying of Allah SWT..

InsyaAllah..This is the only way.Set a day and when that day comes.Don't give up.Don't back down.Do it.Jangan berhenti berdoa okay....Ask Allah SWT to give you strength. Ask Him to make it easy for you. Ask Him to help you. He is always there for you when you turn to Him. Remember how much He has given you, how everything that you have, even your very existence, is due to Him.Remember that He deserves this from you. Remember the promise of Jannah. Remember that remaining patient and faithful through difficulty now may lead to Jannah,insyaAllah. Even if bad things happen, keep these thoughts in your mind. Don't worry about tomorrow. Just concentrate on getting through today, and leave tomorrow to Allah SWT.InshaAllah

just stick to the objective :
- wear it for the sake of Allah
- wear it for the hope of Jannah
- wear it as you dont want your dad tanggung all the dosa,nauzubillah
- wear it today and spite the shaytan..

I bought 2 tudung.1 selendang.1 kurung cotton from Jalan Tar..alhamdulillah :)

....and You will never walk alone...:)