Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pictures talk

Assalamualaikum & helohh penghuni doniaaa :)

Kalau dah namanye B2B ade je bendaa nak share kannn.Today I would like to share pasal photographer pilihan lah..hehe.maklumlah dh jumpa photographer pilihan setelah 2 bulan mengugel..hehehe..tgk check list ade je yg lum settle..

Alhamdulillah..after searching everywhere to find the suitable photographer , finally I was recommended by one of my colleague (Azlan)..after chit chating about  wedding & etc,Azlan did mention yang dia ade kawan who involve in  this photography stuff such wedding,engagement  and etc.Azlan  sent me the name of photog and their email(thank you so much taw Azlan that's so kind of youu,even we baru je kenal hari tu a.k.a jiran workstation.hehe) looking at the wedding photo sample I noticed that their pictures are all natural colours (actually saya kurang sket on sephia,grey seme tu,tak berapa sgt)syukur saya mmg nak yg mcmtu pun,as for me gambar sgt penting nak lagi di hari istimewa ofkos nak yang cantik dan berkenan di hati dan puas hati.InsyaAllah

Okay then we proceed by emailing each other..rupanye Abg H punye wifey satu department dgn saya daaa..keesokan nye Azlan pn kenal kan wifey Abg H dgn saya...ooOO..selalu je nmpk but we jarang tegur each kortg pun dh kenal..Kak Azi nama nyee..well actually in finding the right photographer of your own,they should be the easiest to find.Allah show me the way.Syukur.

First :
Begin your search not only at search engine hokey,by asking for recommendations from friends and family or anyone else who have held wedding ke engagement ke pun bolehhh. Ask if they liked the photographer. Look at their wedding album or webpage or  blog or  the portfolio of the photographer it self.Selalu nye photographer mesti ade their own blogs punyee..bole lah refer di situ..

Q&A part.tanyalah ape yang anda mahu tanya dan state kan

-      - When
-       -Where
-       -Who
-       -Your budget as well
    -negotiate price and determine costs, everything is negotiable, including price,pakej,transportation fee.Makna nye kite tahu lah exactly what type of service and what package of photographs kite akan dapat nanti rasenye itu sebahagian lah dari BASIC criteria kena ade kann.

moment mase sarung cincin wajib kena hade :)

if anything nak tambah di alu alukan..baru balik dari hanta baju kat tailor td yeayy..amin..



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