Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hantaran checklist for E-day (1)

Kalau dah adat,maybe tak manis kalau di tolak ke tepi kann..well Mr.M and I decided to make our hantaran se-simple yg mungkin..For our engagement, I prepared the hantarans that we had to give to each other..the numbers of dulang hantaran,the items and etc..during discussions Mr.M kate kalau boleh dia nk makanan je,even i told him i wanna give him an ipad or iphone..but he refuse,biar la kite tukar benda2 mahal tu personally nanti dont display on our hantarans, benda mahal takut hilang sayang kalau dh ramai2 nanti katanyee....yes Mr.M has a right to his our  parents and us have decided that there'll be 5 -7 hantaran..the items that i'll give him more to keperluan untuk kegunaan harian and foods of course..

For him (Mahathir)

1) Sireh junjung  -  moe will do it
2) Set of Ralph Lauren no.4  -  check
3) Office attire - check
4) Belt+Wallet  chocolates -   check 
5) Fruits - to order 
6) Cake - to order
7) Polka dot muffin - to order

For her (Nuriszuana)

1) Set of cincin - check..lama dah :)
2)Kain+Clutch bag - check
3)Skin care - check
4)Fruits - to order
5)Chocs/Cake - to order

some of the item will be put together so that the final will still be 5 and glad the items almost order foods sahaja..anything u peeps wanna share about hantaran pls drop me a line orait!

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