Saturday, 14 April 2012

Colour therapy

Last month I did review pasal eksperimen warna,choosing what colour..but then I only highlighted on purple colour right?...Its okay but today's entry will be something similar but more on colour therapy...I would like to share something about colour in no way universally necessary as a way to perceiving the world.ermmm...yet as for human beings,colour is very important waas it??important kahh?
by right....psychologically.I would answer .....YES!!! bukan poyo okehhhhh....
This importance can be easily looked when we surrounded by colour dalam kehidupan seharian(daily lives).

As for me ,however if i spend any length of time in an environment where there is no colour variation,dull and am like phewwww! there grows a sense of the absence of something,and the unsettling feeling may remain until I/we return to surrounding with variety of colours.yeayyy!!!..Colour can be emotional food for human.
It "colours" our life,our language,especially our moods and our thoughts (for students)! 
For example : white has a cooling effect,not just because its remind us of snow.but because it has a real energy that ,like heat or sound it affect us at a physical.

Each colour has a different vibration,each one is a wavelength of light travelling at a diff. frequency or speed.
i.e : Red ,has a slow ,long wavelength that tend to energise chemical reactions..violet on the other hand has a faster ,shorter frequency that tend to pass through matter.take red into a slightly slower frequency and its becomes infra-red and then microwave energy.take violet into higher frequency and it becomes ultra violet and the x-rays.would like share with u peeps base on my reading..

Review on each colours

Black - black is not technically a colour but the absence of any colour,experience of black automatically gives a glimpse of white because neither can stand in isolation.

tips : wearing something black clothes keeps someone safe from unwanted attention of others

Red - symbolised by fire has two can be a warming life saver or an uncontrollable destroyer.
anger and passion especially have both traditionally been thought of as "red"

tips: wearing a red clothing can help overcome the feeling of guilty about the red emotins we have.

Brown - is mainly associated with the colour of soil and resonates well with all aspects of the natural world.Like the earth ,brown represents the solid background to our lives.
tips : excellent choice for surroundings involved with long term studies or logical thought.It helps ideas to become real..yeahhh!!!as u can see many libraries or study place did this,useful I tell ya!!

okay till then..will continue later and review on next posts on other colour..aite...

Patch lace

Assalamualaikum and helow melow beauty-ladies !

Its saturday morning and Off day......
Baru je bgn tido,tailor amy call"Moi,ur baju ready,u can come and fitting lor”...cepat je saya reply  “really ar amy?..okay im on my way now”...bahahaha..punyela terujaaa..pdhal belum mandi kot tp dah ontheway bagai.excited lebeh :)

Sampai kedai amy terus g fitting room***taadaaaaa***

Alhamdulillah..just nice je si tailor ni buat..syukur..ngam2 je.melekap kt badan...alkisahnye button kat sleeve lak amy kata dia blum siap lagi..adeiii..but then amy suggest button yg glam sikit..oklah ikut lah..janji tak tambah duit sudah..bukan kedek tp dh jnji nak yg tu then dia yg suggest yg lebeh Glamm touch up amy convince cakap Monday u datang ok,luckily saya cuti sun till totally free..fully paid to amy.balance settled.syukur.

Haih baju dah not thinking of patch lace laa..mase wat clearance wardrobe tibe2 terpandang baju raya tahun lepas(belum rasmi pakai lagi okay!!,simpan je kt dlm tu)..tibe3 idea muncul**ting*
mcm nak kopi pasta je patch lace ni..sayang sangat kat dress ni  >_<  
beli kat jalan Tar time bulan ramadhan..murah gils ok..when the salesgirl scream "its peak hour!!" trus pg dekat she mention rm100 per pcs..ohh myy.....(aikkkk nak tengok je kah?..nak raya kannnnn)....terus sambar dua...ehehehe..yg lagi satu dah selamat pakai 1st day of raya.....

long dress with patch lace @ neckline
for neckline

plain dress or jubah mmg suitable wif this kinda lacey
instead of neckline,patch lace bole juga letak kat bottom of the baju ke,sleeve or veil ke,selendang ke memang Cun punye !!! ahhh i cant wait to DIY..err...or maybe handover to someone kot iaitu anies...for the neckline i can see some pic at google but then kat sleeve and bottom ni not yet research..its 5 am now still cannot sleep..tapi akhirnye lain yang di plan lain yang jadi..huuu..sokay lahh jadi puas ati ! okay now nak share sket on baju tunang saya..kain di beli di jakel (satin+chiffon)
okay baju tunang di jahit oleh Amy Weng Kong @ Kelana jaya 
patch  lace : buddy bead soul
beadings : buddy bead soul
selendang/shawl di beli di Semua House,Jln Tar

okay the owner of buddy bead soul ialah anies saffin badiah...choopp tp takde lah dlm gambar ni.hehe.yang dlm pic ni seme kwn2 laa..heeeee
anyway saya tak post pun baju tuk anis jahitkan beads seme saya hantar trus kt anis @putrajaya
easy! bole discuss ngn dia itu ini :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

MUA part 1

make-up artist :)
Salam Ladies...

My all time favourite topic.hehehe.In every event be it solemnization,engagement or reception ke, I am 100% sure all the B2Bs wants to look good rite in every single moment.btol x?and of course u need the good MUA that can fulfill ur dreams and can make u look and feel beautiful..jyeahhhh!! My personal opinions,as for me I dont like dark smokey eye*BIG NO*mcm tak kena rasenye..for the lips saya kureng kalau di calit warna merah menyala mcm marilyn monroe tu( dia takpe not me)sbb I can imagine myself kalau make up mcmtu then pakai accesories lagi.. nampak BERAT.such a make-up disaster brides..previously I pnh view some picca of the brides..alamakk mcm kesian pun ade...insyaAllah will inform my MUA to avoid this make up styles.As for make-up artist,finally saya sudah pun pilih.Saya mesti pilih. amin~

tak perlu mention seme kenal MAC  kann? ;)

most MUA guna this product..brand yg dikenali juga
While I was browsing , reviewing, researching ,e-mailing and googling and finally got the names of the MUA and their price for engagement ;

Wiwin Touch - RM 300

Sentuhan Azie Cun - RM 300

Aida Jasmeen - RM 350

Bobbi Brown counter make up - RM 150

MAC counter make up - RM 250 (if lets say u purchase the Mac product range above RM 250 then they will give F.O.C make up )

*terujaaa*rase mcm nak main mekap2 ngn kwn2 kalau ade bobbi brown case ni..heheh

..and thats all for now...will update later if any subject changes...



Budget & Checklist

As for my preparations of tunang,alhamdulillah ade yang done,ade yang in progress,ade yang baru nak google pun hade.huhuhu..ermm sekadar berkongsi la kann..for photographer mmg kte dh book ngn dia awal2 tiba2 pulak dia kate ade event lain.okay okay i admit , me not yet transfer the deposit dan mmg nak bank in pd hari tersebut pun,dugaan yg pertama sepanjang plan.insyaAllah kena banyak2 berdoa supaya semua berjalan lancar.dont forget USAHA jugaaaa...amin~

Untuk checklist for Tunang

Catering+canopy   ~ done~
Baju  ~ in progress~
Cincin  ~done~
Mini dais ~in progress~
Dessert table ~in progress~
Photographer ~done~
MUA ~ done~
Fresh flowers ~ to order~
Hantaran for him ~ in progress~
doorgifts ~done~
handbouquet ~ done~


as for budget kan just to share wit the B2Bs out there..kalau dana yg sederhana hanya perlu fikir yg keperluan sahaja ,kehendak bole di lupakan bole ke lupa kan kehendak tuu.kekekekek.bile baca blogs,comment kdg2 banyak jumpa benda yg buat kte tertarik mcm magnet*CONFIRM*lebeh baik fikirkan mana yang perlu..kena selalu remind dkt diri sendiri.sendiri mau ingat!!.lain kalau ade dana yang tinggi..bolehla add on sana,add on sini :) insyaAllah..hari pertunangan kite tanggungjawab kite dan terpulang pada hati kite actually.mmg mase browsing akan jumpa macam2.ape pun kena happy dan tenang mase plan.heheheh..while i browsing ,btw attach herewith contoh yg bole di jadikan guidance untuk persiapan tunang..contoh simple account,if ade nak add on bole saja ikut keselesaan masing2,ini sebagai sample & basic sahaja orite...

pakai excel je..yg mudah yg basic2 sudah.

till then..see ya...

ps : balik awal for training mmg heaven ~~~syukur



Monday, 2 April 2012

Engagement dais

Assalamualaikum ppl  :)

Its April already??!!! ermm...days come and gone,in just blink an of eye,the month of march is already coming to an end..saya masih lagi disini tergugel sana tergugel sini.hehehe..alhamdulillah..preparations tu almost done lah.erm..just to share lah kan..kdg2 waktu preparations ni bile google di saat akhir ade je yg nk ubah fikirann..once dh nampak yang cantik start la nak ubah kt situ lah nak ubah tang sini lahh..hadoiii*pengsan*..jgn nak salah kan org lain blame yourself..booOo...heheh...itu semua nafsuuu..tiba2 semalam mr.M sms katanye nk proceed for nikah sahaja xpayah tunang..Allah hu saya minta dia fikirkan dulu btol2(dalam hati biar betol?!..kursus kawen pun belum pergi lagi hokayy !!wakakakaka)insyaAllah biarlah tunang dahulu..amin~~~

As for preparations tunang..hanya dais sahaja belum buat decision mahu yang manaaa......
yupp..yg sedang-sedang jer..asal ade..hehehe..price pun okay not baaad...i repeat not baaadd..
bile dh gugel2 tu jumpa lah yg mcmni **dROOL**sumber : ofkos abg google

simple & beautiful

cute kann..?siap ade bantal seme..bole pukul2 manja guna bantal tu :)

soft & sweet

kemas & teratur & elegant gituuu

For engagement dais ive always wanted something yang simple & casual & lovely..ohohohoo..insyaAllah..amin...

disebabkan today training balik awal so bole la men"post blog"..happy nye hatii..huhu..okay lah nak siap2 mandi and pg empire with Mr.M...daaaa...thanx for ur time :)