Saturday, 14 April 2012

Colour therapy

Last month I did review pasal eksperimen warna,choosing what colour..but then I only highlighted on purple colour right?...Its okay but today's entry will be something similar but more on colour therapy...I would like to share something about colour in no way universally necessary as a way to perceiving the world.ermmm...yet as for human beings,colour is very important waas it??important kahh?
by right....psychologically.I would answer .....YES!!! bukan poyo okehhhhh....
This importance can be easily looked when we surrounded by colour dalam kehidupan seharian(daily lives).

As for me ,however if i spend any length of time in an environment where there is no colour variation,dull and am like phewwww! there grows a sense of the absence of something,and the unsettling feeling may remain until I/we return to surrounding with variety of colours.yeayyy!!!..Colour can be emotional food for human.
It "colours" our life,our language,especially our moods and our thoughts (for students)! 
For example : white has a cooling effect,not just because its remind us of snow.but because it has a real energy that ,like heat or sound it affect us at a physical.

Each colour has a different vibration,each one is a wavelength of light travelling at a diff. frequency or speed.
i.e : Red ,has a slow ,long wavelength that tend to energise chemical reactions..violet on the other hand has a faster ,shorter frequency that tend to pass through matter.take red into a slightly slower frequency and its becomes infra-red and then microwave energy.take violet into higher frequency and it becomes ultra violet and the x-rays.would like share with u peeps base on my reading..

Review on each colours

Black - black is not technically a colour but the absence of any colour,experience of black automatically gives a glimpse of white because neither can stand in isolation.

tips : wearing something black clothes keeps someone safe from unwanted attention of others

Red - symbolised by fire has two can be a warming life saver or an uncontrollable destroyer.
anger and passion especially have both traditionally been thought of as "red"

tips: wearing a red clothing can help overcome the feeling of guilty about the red emotins we have.

Brown - is mainly associated with the colour of soil and resonates well with all aspects of the natural world.Like the earth ,brown represents the solid background to our lives.
tips : excellent choice for surroundings involved with long term studies or logical thought.It helps ideas to become real..yeahhh!!!as u can see many libraries or study place did this,useful I tell ya!!

okay till then..will continue later and review on next posts on other colour..aite...

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