Tuesday, 3 April 2012

MUA part 1

make-up artist :)
Salam Ladies...

My all time favourite topic.hehehe.In every event be it solemnization,engagement or reception ke, I am 100% sure all the B2Bs wants to look good rite in every single moment.btol x?and of course u need the good MUA that can fulfill ur dreams and can make u look and feel beautiful..jyeahhhh!! My personal opinions,as for me I dont like dark smokey eye*BIG NO*mcm tak kena rasenye..for the lips saya kureng kalau di calit warna merah menyala mcm marilyn monroe tu( dia takpe not me)sbb I can imagine myself kalau make up mcmtu then pakai accesories lagi.. nampak BERAT.such a make-up disaster brides..previously I pnh view some picca of the brides..alamakk mcm kesian pun ade...insyaAllah will inform my MUA to avoid this make up styles.As for make-up artist,finally saya sudah pun pilih.Saya mesti pilih. amin~

tak perlu mention seme kenal MAC  kann? ;)

most MUA guna this product..brand yg dikenali juga
While I was browsing , reviewing, researching ,e-mailing and googling and finally got the names of the MUA and their price for engagement ;

Wiwin Touch - RM 300

Sentuhan Azie Cun - RM 300

Aida Jasmeen - RM 350

Bobbi Brown counter make up - RM 150

MAC counter make up - RM 250 (if lets say u purchase the Mac product range above RM 250 then they will give F.O.C make up )

*terujaaa*rase mcm nak main mekap2 ngn kwn2 kalau ade bobbi brown case ni..heheh

..and thats all for now...will update later if any subject changes...



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