Sunday, 10 June 2012

52 Reasons Why I Love You, Mahathir...

1)  You are an amazing fiance'.
 - you are the same person from the first day we met at Mid Vally Megamall till now...

2) You make me smile. 
-smile for no reason sayanggg..heheh

3) You make me laugh.
- especially when im not in a good mood

4) You surprise me with chocolates
- did you remember sayang,the day i merajuk and u put ferrero rocher dalam kereta? :)

5) You love to accompany me at Kinokuniya.
-  to reads books and magazines even we're in different sections.u love arsenal mag.

6) You never forget an important date.
- You remember everything. Thank you!

7) You always send WTE to car service
- its because i just hate to wait for so looong..

8) You put “us” first.
- You know when to pick us over work, or anything.

9) You help me edit every picture of my friends event such as engagement,wedding...
- we will stay until maghrib at Darul Ehsan, just to edit pic.what other guy can do that?

10) You help my mom when in need.
- when im working during weekend

11) You make me Proud!
- You work full-time and nevr complaint at work. 

12) You help me make decisions when I can’t.
- You give the best advice!

13) You are never afraid to be silly.
- when u dress down.your pants and shirt not match.

14) You make yourself laugh.
- Yeah we was both laughing that dayyy

15) You make me feel safe.
- You always think about me; You want us to be safe, you always send sms and call.

16) You love your family very much esp.your mom+dad
- you helps to kebumikan ayah masa ayah dah takde lagi.terharu sayang.u did not show ur sadness pun.

17) You listen to my stupid stories.
- even you re not laughing but u make eye contact with me.dats important!

18) You are not afraid of what anyone else thinks.
- You will tell them like it is. You don’t let anyone talk down to you.

19) You ALWAYS work hard.
- you always work for your student and for your studies.

20) You always tell me you love me right before we end every calls and the day u admit ward.
- It doesn’t matter what time it is or even if I am home or not, you call to tell me you love me before I go to sleep.

21) You don’t care when I’m a bum.
- sometimes when i feel so exhausted to teman u makan..sory sayang...

22) You help me wash my clothes
- you offer to wash my clothes when my washing machine break-down.but at last i sent to ain dobi...malu la nak suh u basuh :)

23) You help me with computers.
- when my lappy kena virus,you offer to format.kalau hantar repair sure kena rm50 ok..

24) You love to teach me about setting in computer.
- ctrl v,ctrl z,ctrl x,u always thought me with simple formula..

25) You helped me find the keys when lost.
- You helped even though it was raining.

26) You willing to stay with me till morning.
- when i admit to ward at Assunta ,u bought me pizza and properity burger at 1130 pm and  willing to stay with me till morning but u cant since im in wad pesakit perempuan..hehe

27) You want whats best for me.
- we always talk about future,dreams house,wedding and fashion

28) You make a good pillow.
- Even during movies..hehe..

29) You always say what’s on your mind.
- If something bothers you, you make it known.

30) You surprise me with little things.
- Even a roti from cake sense..

31) You help build our relationship.
- We have come so far from where we was.

32) You allow me to stay home.
- you ask me to quit from work when we get married,but i dont want to since i need to shopping..

33) You re so into business minded.
- you can sold 9 bottles of perfumes in one day...impressed!

34) You take the time to all just to check on me.
- Even if it is during your lunch break.

35) You buy me Herbalife for slimming
- when i complaint about my figure and my weight..

36) You tell me how you feel.
- I appreciate it. It let’s me know instead of guessing. Thank You.

37) You are good at playing badminton
- always follow you training badminton every friday nite..somt

38) You never give up.
- You know how much work and effort it will take and you don’t throw your arms in the are and give up.

39) You make me feel comfortable with you

40) You assure me everything will be okay.
- you will end up every promise with insyaAllah and think positive.

41) You tell me you dreams/wants
-  baby or new homey

42) You always teman me makan at Darul Ehsan and William
- we order only 1 portion pun dah cukuppp

43) Your work ethic is amazing, even if you hate what you’re doing.
- When you was a mentor, you still done your job.

44) You’re cute and knowledgable
- Just something about you being able to help me in technical of streamyx troubleshooting steps..u always answer my question completely.

45) We can talk about anything all day
- We never ride in the car without talking. We talk about everything/anything.

46) I love seeing you happy.
- Seeing you smile makes my day better

47) You know when I am upset.
- I don’t have to tell you, you just know.

48) You trust me even when first u met me dan tak bertudung
- It took time for you to open up to me

49) You’re an awesome future hubby
- when you say u nervous waiting for engagement...

50) You always in good mood
- ..if you mad at me u will remain silence.i knew it !!

51) You can remember my clean up
- If we go out to eat, or to somewhere.. and you will get tissue for me to clean up the folk and spoons

52) You Love Me.
- It takes a lot to love someone who has been through so much, and you have and still do.

To Mahathir Abdul Hussain...
I love you till my very last day di duniaaa,sayanggggg...and i mean it !!! 

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