Monday, 11 June 2012

Official Photographer - Engagement

Assalamualaikum and happieee  MonSTER DAy..!!!yeahh happy lah sangat even Im not ready for Monday....heheh....okay let me intro to u guys about my OP..

For photography session during engagement I chose Wan Mohd Hafiz from Eyelogue Media to snap our special moments.I met Wan during engagement a friend of mine - Anne yuhanna in Selayang...Wan is the OP..


5 months before I chat with Wan on facebook to inquiry on quotation and package offered..yup quick reply from I ask for booking..after bank in deposit I update wan about the payment that I have made
**senang deal**...payment accepted..Alhamdulillah :)
3 days before Hafiz call to inform that he cannot make it on that day,since he having emergency family problem.But then hafiz promise he will send another person Aswad,his friend whom also work with Eyelogue Media.. 
syukur least ade replacement..then the day before Hafiz text me inform that he might come on that day..aww..***surprised***terharu k..

Syukur ,Alhamdulillah..their PR skill is good even they will inform you when they cant make it.then Hafiz siap promise dia akan bagi 1 pre-wed photoshoot for FREE..*terujaa *and he did inform about replcament.that is good.thumbs up to Eyelogue Media for having this kinda photographer.dan mereka mmg sgt kelakar and full with ideas ok..
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Nak cari laluan ke rumah memang susah sket..but they (Wan & Hafiz )manage to arrive on time..
Dear Wan & Aswad....
thank you for being very understanding during photo session alhamdullilah..they instruct me when to pose and where to pose..yelah kite ni bukan model terkenal yang pandai pose sana pose sini they always helps and instruct you when needed..heheh..

my credit to both you on your work ethics, being self-directed , punctuality and having positive attitude to your fellow customers..........

 Wan Mohd Hafiz....cute x??heheh...

Aswad...comey x?heheh...

highly recommended !! sumpah !!!

psst ...

before balik I gave them my doorgifts sebagai tanda perhargaan...ececehh. :)

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