Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Therapy after work :)

Salam Rabu....

After log out @ 530 pm..saya nak berjimbaa.hehehe.plan for today..nak pg menonton madagascar 3,jyeahhh..!!! rindu madagascar.....my favourite animal pal..huhu..then proceed to SS2..durian session!! its about 2-3 km away from Seapark police station,its located near the row of bridal shop..yup...while you eat you may cuci mata for your wedding dress too..heheh...its open till 2-3 am if im not mistaken....
We arrive at 10ish pm..crowd as usual...but its okay durain  punye pasal...5-6 stalls along the road..so bole buat pilihan...ade juga yang finish their durians as early at 11pm...whoaa...laku siut..yup after tawaf..mr fiance decided to chose SS2 durians as our port for that nite..huhu..
Price range from 9-15 myr per person..depends..its your choice and your money...heee..
drinking water provided with cup.

Mr Fiance



but i noticed no musang king durian here..maybe mahal kottt....hmmm...im not sure for chinese and indian...as for Malay people..we can make tempoyak too from these durian..you may try to..you may try eat it with nasi putih+kicap+telor goreng+tempoyak
( pastu tumbuk cili) ...heavennnnnnn~~ i tell ya!!
wow mmg sedappppp....yumm yummm..



Psttt...lepas pekena dreyan tu jangan lupa minum air dalam pangsa durian tu..so nanti suhu badan tak lah melonjak naik.....baru la best...:)

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