Monday, 25 June 2012

Wedding scene

Assalamualaikum ladiesss..

I 've long had my dream wedding theme for baju nikah & reception in my mind: 
at the moment  I have always loved lace, I think it looks elegant and sweet...kan?heheh..not only me but im sure all b2b as well right....but then kadang2 all your dream dress might not always be the one that will look the best on you...hmm..The search for the perfect wedding dress is tough...okay lets set the tone for your entire wedding with beautiful theme for colour theme,i've always dreamed abt either peach or pink champagne colour for my nikah dress...since im already wore purple lilac for my E-day...hehehe...

As for nikah. .always wanted something similar with this..


soft and calm

hall setting

as for my reception,me prefer thisss....


as for my tandang..not yet decide..:)

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