Sunday, 10 June 2012

yesterday was the day :)

Assalamualaikum people :)

Yess..yesterday was the day..alhamdulillah and syukur everything went well..I woke up at 630 am and had breakfast at 8 am,since the day gonna be a longgg day for me and I chose to take multivitamins.

0900 am       - Surau people came andwe had small doa selamat session.

1000 am       - Doa selamat finish...

1045 am       - My 2 beatiful ladies Hidayah & Azreen arrive a bit late sbb sesat..alamak kesian mereka..and the  make-up session begin..*suka*it took about 1 hour sahaja tuk siap..

1140 am       - Special guests.Mahathir 's family arrive..heart beating very fast this hour...Discussion start.

lup dub lup dub

1230 am       - After bincang this and that and finally the time has come..hehe..sarung cincin time.. my both hands sweating and shaking and so the lutut.hahaha(padahal takde gempa bumi pun)..

1300 am       - while they had lunch me then proceed with camwhoring session with friends and families :)

1320 am       - sebelum balik bergambar sebentar bersama keluarga mahathir *berbunga hati*dan sesi bersalam.then we dismis..

oraite all peektures will update soooon okeh ,actully im waiting for OP to send me all the picca ~~

till thennnn...

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