Wednesday, 4 July 2012

my E-day peektures

Assalamualaikum peoples..
Salam Nifsu Sya'ban to all my muslim friends and bloggers... Wherever, whoever you are I seek for forgiveness for any kind of mistake that i"ve done in the past chapter begin...:)
ohya! some of my colleagues been asking me "wawa mane picture tunang??"tihehe..okay okay will upload now..but then those pics are randomly tagged in Fb and from my own camera as well..and ade certain i amik dari dorang..heheh..alhamdulillah..more pic to come...taken by Aswad Alwee and Wan ureno...they're superb yaw!!...
enjoyyy and soothe your eyes k..chewaah..
sesi bersiap..bangun pagi at 6 am...
my MUA sampai tepat pada masa..alhamdulillah
make up by hidayah from Hidayah Definition

my first i decide mcm takyah la pakai fake eyelashes...bile tgk dlm pic mcm okay jugak...muah muah to my MUA..

DIY sajoh yeaaa...inilah hasilnya...

sessi sarung cincin..weee..berbunga sungguh hati...:)

amik berkat okayyy

with my fiance and si lil'Faeeq ...

smileee..till u get hurt..hee

with mamma mia..a.k.a mastermind

with my future MIL...:)

haaa tu diaa..

with my beautiful ladiess


hantaran for choc,fruits and kain ..ade lagi xsempat snap..haiyooh
 lil Faeeq cousin,
yg sgt protective..yang tak mahu gambar saya di ambil oleh Aswad & wan...

Aswad always know the best pose for me :)

ok ni mmg pose yg dibuat2..hehe

mmg candid laah....katanye!

agak gems juge disitu yaaa...kuikuikui

bersama 2 adorable future nieces.hehe..left : Husna,right: Putri


mom's choice always the best for e-day favor....

till then peeps....nanait..sleep tide :)


  1. Thanks iwa for the linked! i have linked your page to mine as well :))

  2. cantekkk!!

    sya mase E! aritu pon rs cam nktanggaL make up+ cabot fake eyelashes tp daLam pic (expeciaLLy from OP) nampak OK kan..

  3. hye orked..oh yeke..yeahh eyeleshes tu mmg menaik kan muka saya rase.ehehe