Sunday, 23 December 2012

No picture no life

Assalamualaikum and good day earthlings..

 Since am so into Instagram I've decided to join one of the challenge from
fat mum slim photo a day (fms)..quite interesting ! Well at least u have an activity to do everyday in December.
Its actually a picture-a-day challenge game.Super easy-peasy, all u have to do just visit the Fat Mum Slim blog and check out the December photo a day list and each day look at the daily order and take photo according to the lists.Once u have taken the photo and Dont forget to share it/ upload to any social networking u have ,eg : Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Tumbler,Flicker or even ur own blog(like am doing now.hehe)..since am joining it a bit late..but sokay!(where u can put hashtag #iknowitslate..hahaha)I started from day 8 - Someone you love...lets check out mine!

picture below from day 16 till day 19 december

Day 16 - Something you made ( I've made a few embroidered towel!)

Day 17 - on the floor could be anything..

Day 18 - makes you feel merry..jyeahh waffle makes me feel merry with ice cream on top of it ,butter and syrup :)
day 19 - something  beginning with S..and its me having (Spaghetti )..yummiehh

dont forget to hashtag it and have a fun photo-taking all !!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Jennifer Lopez 'dance again world tour' live in Malaysia

Salam Ladies..
Such a good start of December..Sunday 2/12/2012 . I had an amazing opportunity to watch jLo's concert right here in Malaysia @ Stadium Merdeka..woohoo!!together with my fiance,we got 2 complimentary passes from my schoolmate,thanx Ainnn! 

Ain call  & ask me just 8 hours before concert start 'Wa, free mlm ni?Nak pg tgk JLO takk?..and I answered squeaky-ingly like a little girl.."Naaaaaakk!!! '' (free kan...of course naakk)..

Later at 8pm ,we met Ain the newly wed wif her hubby,Zainuri at the bit late,parking constraint..but its okayy..heheh...apology to Ain ! whoaaaa Ain just gave me 2 tickets price RM368 each(which I definitely cant afford to buy..heheh)very strategic seats..Alhamdulillah tak kena hujan..they do provide the raincoats..Concert only starts at 9.10pm..before concert I had spotted many familiar faces..
Ziana Zain & Tiara Jacquelina..
JLo such a beautiful woman and hot momma I must say,from video clip to live..and her kids were on the montage during concert..thats so sweet !! and am sure her boifie were on the stage dancing with her on that night..okay enjoy the pictures below..

its free seating...u can seat anywhere u like...   \ 

happy faces

two beautiful mommas..still gorgeus even in rain..ziana in yellow...tiara j in blue raincoat..the one with the camera I hv no idea..heheh

us after the concert

me,ain & zainuri
show off.hahaha..

till we meet again JLo...

and the best part is..I just noticed Dato Jimmy Choo just behind my seat..haihh..didnt get the chance to snap snap with him..and mua fav songs for that wonderful nite are papi & dance again....jyahh!!