Sunday, 23 December 2012

No picture no life

Assalamualaikum and good day earthlings..

 Since am so into Instagram I've decided to join one of the challenge from
fat mum slim photo a day (fms)..quite interesting ! Well at least u have an activity to do everyday in December.
Its actually a picture-a-day challenge game.Super easy-peasy, all u have to do just visit the Fat Mum Slim blog and check out the December photo a day list and each day look at the daily order and take photo according to the lists.Once u have taken the photo and Dont forget to share it/ upload to any social networking u have ,eg : Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Tumbler,Flicker or even ur own blog(like am doing now.hehe)..since am joining it a bit late..but sokay!(where u can put hashtag #iknowitslate..hahaha)I started from day 8 - Someone you love...lets check out mine!

picture below from day 16 till day 19 december

Day 16 - Something you made ( I've made a few embroidered towel!)

Day 17 - on the floor could be anything..

Day 18 - makes you feel merry..jyeahh waffle makes me feel merry with ice cream on top of it ,butter and syrup :)
day 19 - something  beginning with S..and its me having (Spaghetti )..yummiehh

dont forget to hashtag it and have a fun photo-taking all !!

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