Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ayob Cafe

Helo everyone !

I noticed I didnt blog much about food on my blog...even I love food :)
When suddenly am craving for steak..after scouting around for the best place to eat in Kelana Jaya..
I remembered Ermi (my collegemate) recommended Ayob Cafe to me before...back in 2008
I guess.fortunately I remembered the route to Ayob's..yay!!
Ayob Cafe located in Seksyen 7,Kota Damansara..only 30 mins from Petaling Jaya.Its a very unique home-cafe as the owner run a cafe from his home and they mainly serve western food,so don't expect a nasi or sambal tempoyak yeaa..heheh.As you enter and there are varieties of antique stuff such as an old fitness bicycle,kettle,old iron displayed around the house.This antique place is a favourite of mine. We ordered lamb chop for two while my fiance ordered fruit slice (honeydew)and mushroom soup.All drinks only RM1.00.While waiting for the meal,they start us off with 1 slice of toast with butter..errr am not sure the significant all I know is am just too hungry.hihihi..the best is yet to come..our meal only arrive after 15 mins..

But..ade sikit DISAPPOINTED !!! why?? The meat is NOT really juicy and tender as before..erm rase nye saya pernah rase yg lagi sedap dari sini kot ! unhappy!! and price slightly goes up for all menu.before the price for lamb chop was only RM13 and now is RM16..
nonetheless,discontented is the answer to the foods..and the mystery comes when we ask for the bills..before ,my fiance calculate the total of amount for only RM 40..ok lets do the math !

lamb chop  RM16 x 2  = RM32
drinks  RM 1 x 3 = RM 3
fruit slice = RM2
mushroom soup = RM3
so :: RM 32 + RM 3 + RM 3 + RM 2 = RM40 kann???

but then the adik said all together RM 42.So I asked why RM42 ? she reply lamb chop price is RM18...but in the menu its RM16..she seems insist said that the price is RM16..sokay !
we pay then we Ciao ! 
okay lah mcmni lah...I know its only about RM 2..Bukan berkira ke ape..if stated in  menu price is RM16..kenapa jadi RM18 pulak?! keliru jer..customer akan rase tertipu..

 nextime update lah menu tu yeee !! bukan ape nanti customer ingat ada hidden charges pulak!
But then I loves the antique decorations..enjoy pic..I think most of them generally less than 100 years..urmm tak marah pun ok...huhu...pencinta keamanan 

antique record player

owner's collection of ashtray..maybe
bas signboard to "Tangkak"

mushroom soup

ade kelainan di situu

while waiting..

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