Wednesday, 13 February 2013

fantastic lemon juice

Assalamualaikum ladiess..

If you all bride-to-be plan to lose weight for your big day,and looking for an effective and natural way to lose your weight and body fat , look into honey and lemon juice remedy..easy and inexpensive ! 
honey and lemon work really well even my mom suggested to using these ingredients in your home,you can provide weight loss and yes I can hit my goal weight more succesful inshaAllah..I recommend that u add the honey or lemon to a warm cup of mint tea / just a glass of  warm water or maybe u can mix the lemon juice with honey with a glass of warm water..yup that the formula..but pls bear in value for the limau nipis is ph 2-ph 3 which is very acidic..dont drink it too often,am fret that it will cause you some side drinking this as it will assist me in burn the fat..and I've been drinking this fantastic juice for 4 days in a week,twice daily (in the morning & before bed) and this 2 ingredients help me to flush out fats and toxin from body..drinking this without exercise is useless..u need at least 20 mins a day to reach the target.and my goal is to lose 3 kgs in a week.. 3 kgs x 4 week = 12 kgs
caiyokk! great immunity system builder

limau nipis

limau nipis with warm water...they do wonders yaww !

..i wear this before bed

before : 72 kg
after : 67.6 kg
will definitely hit 58 kilos to get my ideal weight..jyeahhh!
come on yaw!

hati hati berbunga bunga bile tgk angka di mesin timbang..ehek!

pls take note : not suggested if you have gastric..

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bertandang dress ideas

Favourite wedding dress design by Zuhair Murad

sekali pandang mcm model pakai turban..

love the empire waist / princess cut