Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ija's wedding day is on the way !

Assalamualaikum Ladiess..

March is hereee!!!!Today,thought I would share about the recent bridal shower that we throw for one of our friend's whose big day is in April 2013..another 1 month from now..the shower take place at Italiannies in Paradigm mall.. We decided to make it with dinner get-together among us..yes just the 10 of us..since alya cannot make it..
we start over with soft and yummy bread with olive oil as appetizer before the entree..Farah and me ordered 1 set of lasagna..since the portion is kinda big !..and lemon virgin-nade for drinks..foods was great and thought I'd repeat again with someone..heee...
for the party,everyone did their great job :)
Mushira - called & booked the place a day before , Me & Syazna - assist in buy a gift for the bride to be a lingerie @ La Senza**ehemehem** while Dayah - assist in calculating the bills for each of us..yayy!

pic courtesy from anis's fb :)

catwomen mood

the mask of zowwa....

me wif the bride-to-be
Nora Izza aka Ija

nak jugakkk .hehe

the accesories

clockwise from left :::
Anis,Emmy,Dayah,Farah,Azreen & Ija
front row : Mushira,Syazna & Me
pic taken by Shamsila
@ Italiannies,Paradigm Mall

Ija the bride to be with her LaSenza lingerie..

emmy and anis membelek menu..oh ya yang botol content kuning tu ialah olive oil..
untuk di cicah bersama roti portion with farah

kasi lah chance,,kanak kanak riang nak amik pic ngn belon

bride to be pakai selempang

kerusi birde to be special sbb ade ballon..haruslaa

group photo

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