Friday, 12 April 2013

colour blocking mode & ija's reception

Salam girls..

ohhh been wanting to post about this last week but only now ade time.
6th april is ija's reception,nikah in the morning and reception in the noon,ija is my petite fren since we're in form 4 till now..friendship kursus kahwin pun sama ija's juga my fiance met his old friend in college shahridzuan whom is ija's cousin..since ija's theme is colour blocking.A night before only I managed to figure out what colour to wear..phew! mix match laa katekann..
the baju which I purchased 3 years ago from Jalan Tar..heheh.
the kain is actually form Jovian Mandagie baju kurung that I bought last year myself turqoise is in the list of  my favourite colour..
and tudung 3 layer from my fghenn..Rashida :)

congratulations Ija & Rizal

cantik kawan sayaaa

the girls in colour block theme

the cake and macaroons

with sham

at kompleks 3k subang jaya

wedding is at ija's photobooth..

lovely centerpiece

with aina and the newly wed fifi & afiq

turqoise & pink

selain photobooth ade juga jajan corner..:)

kursus kahwin in TTDI masjid at-taqwa

assist ija in gunting gunting..:)

afterall,congratulations Nora Izza & Rizal
 may ur marriage will be bless till jannah amin~

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