Wednesday, 17 April 2013

quality vs quantity

Hello ladies =)

Its been a week I didnt met with mr week only maah..heee..of course rindu..but then I managed to fulfill all the task accordingly..within that week mix feeling arise..astagfirullah..huh..!dugaan..! yeap,am the one who request to mr fiance to lessen our berjumpa time or lepak2 tak tentu hala time..time for us to look for quality not quantity..berjumpa bila perlu sahaja..mcm ade wedding ke..ade nk bincang psl wedding preparation ke..then only we meet up..yang selebihnya we whatsapp everyday..has been practising this for two months,starting last month(march),only  manage to see each other 4 times in a month like seriously..unlike before after work at 7 pm jerr mesti pg makan sama2..u peeps should try this as it will cause u "rindu" to see ur partner's semalam my beloved took me to Jemari in KJ..makan ikan siakap 3 rasa,nasi putih & baby kailan..yumsieee..dh kate seminggu tak jumpa.mmg banyak la yang nak dikongsikan bersama...tgh makan terserempak dgn maryam & family pun makan kt jemari..sempat juga borak mcm2 dgn cik puan maryam =)

siakap 3 rasa.very tempting..mmg tinggal tulang je laa..hahah

almost 230 am..gunait ~~

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