Monday, 22 April 2013

the smile on my face does not mean I am OKAY

Salam everyone :)

Its almost 3ish am..and am sure most of you has arrived in the land of nod..sigh I cannot sleep since last night..keep thinking about issue of misunderstanding that running among the big families of mom's side..this only happened when ur "niat suci turn into niat buruk "adoihh..but sokay will motivate myself selflessly...its not that i dont want to share but let me just keep that in my drawer..breathe in..breathe out..typing can make me so relax..hahahah *sikitlahhh* when I give u a smile does not mean am okay but it means i appreciate the silaturrahim between you and me..and am appreciate what i have and what ever Allah has blessed me..and when it comes across my parents i will definitely give back..because why? because I love my parents so not let outsider intrude your beloved family,and do not anger to your parent just to pleased another people..susah senang kita,parent tak kan biarkan kita.BELIEVE ME ! pls bear in mind those other "people"did not spend their life in building yourself... did they spend their money,time on yoU??
NO! they didnt !

Reminder to the heart : istighfar and may Allah guide us to be the best children that we can be to our parents.Inshaallah

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